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What is
We are a professional service that assists international students intending to study or visit the United States of America as exchange visitors in making their I-901 payment. We do not represent the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) but rather, we act as go-between for intending students and exchange visitors to make their SEVIS payments easy and simple.

How does help me make my SEVIS Fee payment?
Because individuals in many countries around the world lack access to affordable financial services that allow them to fulfill SEVIS designated payment options, we act as go between assist intending students and exchange visitors to the U.S.A. make their SEVIS fee payment in an efficient, fast and affordable manner with the available payment options.

Why do I have to pay SEVIS Fee?

What is the purpose of the SEVIS Fee?

Who should and should not pay the SEVIS Fee?

How is the SEVIS Fee paid?

How do I verify my payment receipts?

How do I get help if I have problems with my SEVIS details?


We provide simplified cross-border payment solutions for students, scholars and faculty through seamless local remittance options that are cost effective and streamlined to basic needs of the end users.

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