Terms & Conditions

I hereby authorize to submit my form I-901 payment application to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information Service (SEVIS) and to accept payments from me and send same on my behalf.

I understand that adequate information about my purpose of visit to the United States is required to use this service. This information might include your personal, academic and details from your identity documents. If relevant information can not be provided, the Department of State may not accept your application for the SEVIS fee payment. is not responsible for any delays or errors caused by mail couriers such as FedEx, UPS or any other commercial carrier. Likewise, we are also not responsible for any delays resulting from errors or omissions in information provided to us by an applicant. Applicants are responsible for providing complete information on their application during the online session.

Your acknowledgement of the terms and conditions herein signifies that you understand the following:

We act as your limited agent for the limited purpose of submitting and facilitating your application through a courier or third party ("Agent"); we cannot accept responsibility for delays in or loss of any document(s) by any party not directly under our control, including, but not limited to, Proxies, SEVP Office, Banks, Money Transfer Offices, or any other Entities or any delivery-service involved in handling documents. You understand that the fees you are charged are inclusive of our service fees, Student/Exchange Visitor Program designated fees, Bank charges and other relevant fees as applicable.

We help you submit & process your SEVIS fee as your authorized Agent, in a timely manner. We do not issue your SEVIS receipt or Form I-797 directly.

We have no control over the decisions made by the issuing authorities regarding denial or approval of SEVIS payment based upon the information submitted by you whether directly or through us as your agent. We have no control over the substance and/or completeness of your applications and statements therein that may affect the decision to either approve or deny the processing of your SEVIS fee. You understand that you are solely responsible for complete and accurate supply of the information submitted to us as your representative. We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer upon our suspicion or belief that information may be inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise deficient.

Such refusal of service is at our sole discretion. Our maximum liability for Refusal of service is limited to the amount of fee paid to and collected by us from you under all circumstances, without limitation.

We have no control over official requirements of the Student/Exchange Visitors Program (SEVP), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Requirements for processing of SEVIS fee including actual fees changed by government agencies can and do change often. We cannot be held responsible for changes in official requirements whether mandatory or subjective. We will attempt to notify you of any such changes as they become available. its owners, agents and affiliates can not provide any guaranties express or implied. Liability is limited to fees paid. If your required payment and supporting documentation is not received by us in the specified time period (typically 12 hours after online submission, but sooner) we reserve the right to cancel your application within the specified time period.

If your payments through specified bank deposits are not verified and we did not receive the clear scanned copies of your payment tellers and DS-2019/I-20 forms within 12 hours of placing your order, we will cancel your order.

If we receive only the scanned copies of your DS-2019/I-20 forms without any means of verifying your payment, your order will not be processed.

If you request a cancellation after your payment and information has been transmitted to SEVP, we will not be able to cancel your order or accede to any request for refund of your payments as they are thence non-refundable.

A no-refund policy applies to all orders made once the payment has been confirmed and the details forwarded to the processing office. No stipulated time period exists between the receipt of your payment and transmittal to SEVP for processing as this process is done as payment is confirmed.

You understand by agreeing to the terms herein that you have purchased the service stated, therefore, due to such acceptance, refunds are not possible for any reason (including, but not limited to):

- Expedited Visa Interview
- Urgent arrival into exchange program
- Visa interview Date Changes
- Payment processing difficulties, including changes in policy, regulations or requirements.
- Incompleteness or inaccuracy of required filing information.
The above list is representative only.

We guarantee our service and delivery of your fees for payment processing, but our maximum liability to any customer is the amount of fee paid to and collected by us under all circumstances from you, without limitation.

No guaranty or warranty express or implied is provided other than stated herein above. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for direct or consequential damages of any kind. Furthermore, the parties agree that the sole venue for any litigation shall be exclusively in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.


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